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Scholarship Program

Arianna’s Angels Scholarship Program


Our first scholarship was awarded October 12, 2022 at our annual Cigar Night Fundraiser to Michael Palmieri, who was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years old.  He now has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Microbiology at Seton Hall University.  Michael is an absolute inspiration to all of those touched by Autism.


We will be offering the following scholarships in 2023:


2 graduating high school students of The Gramon Family of Schools in Fairfield, NJ.


A Hanover Park High School, East Hanover, NJ graduating student who is receiving special education and/or related services through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).


There will also be an opportunity for a Hanover Park High School graduating sibling and/or someone who has been significantly impacted by an individual on the Autism Spectrum.


These scholarships are intended to assist in the next chapter of life, whether it be applied to post-secondary education/college, life skills/prevocational programs, or adult day programs.


All scholarships will be reviewed and selected by the Arianna’s Angels officers. Applications will be available through the designated schools.  Scholarship recipients will be recognized by each school, announced at our annual fundraiser in the fall and names will be posted on this page.


Good luck to all the applicants!

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